26 March, 2024

Transformative AIMS5.0 & Arrowhead fPVN Innovation Technology Days held in Luleå on Jan 23-25, 2024!

This event marked a significant step forward in integrating AI and cyber architecture technologies to enhance European production efficiency. A convergence of minds and innovation, the discussions and showcases have undoubtedly set a new [...]

11 March, 2024

A Collaborative Workshop on the IDO Standardization

IDO is an industry adapted Ontology that the industry is currently working to lift to an International Standards through ISO. 27th to 28th February the Industrial data ontology (IDO) standardization project organized a workshop [...]

8 February, 2024

Eclipse Arrowhead continues to drive innovation in industrial automation

A lack of resources and high costs for software development have become bottlenecks that could impede industrial development, and substantial amounts of new resources will be needed to adjust to market necessities. In this [...]

23 October, 2023

The AIMS5.0 and Arrowhead fPVN Innovation Technology Days / 23-25 JAN 2024 LULEÅ

How can the technology create innovations? The days where we create the digital technologies that will transform European production. Three days with the ambition to integrate, showcase and demonstrate the core AI and cyber [...]

4 October, 2023

Deep Tech Workshop, part of the two large-scale European initiatives Arrowhead fPVN and AIMS5.0

On 27-28 September, the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten hosted the scientific event, Deep Tech Workshop, part of the two large-scale European initiatives Arrowhead fPVN and AIMS5.0. The workshop topics included: ECLIPSE [...]

27 August, 2023

Two Upcoming Deep Tech Workshops AIMS5.0 & Arrowhead fPVN

September 27 & 28RSA FG & Campus University of AppliedSciences St. Pölten The workshop will be held in St. Pölten, Lower Austria.Primary focus on common technologies and initial usein use-cases of the AIMS5.0 and [...]

8 June, 2023

Arrowhead fPVN Kick-off in Helsinki

June 13-14 Arrowhead fPVN kick-off took place. A team of 60 people on-site and some 15 on-line spent two days in Helsinki dressed in a beautiful summer weather. The Arrowhead fPVN vision of substantial [...]