28 May, 2024

Introduction to usage of Eclipse Arrowhead architecture and reference implementation

Usage of Eclipse Arrowhead architecture and reference implementation is a set of in-depth videos giving details on basic deployment, and developments enabling you to become an Eclipse Arrowhead wizard. Salman Javed a PhD candidate [...]

27 May, 2024

Streamlining Analysis Tool Adoption with AI-Gym by Arrowhead

AI-Gym by Arrowhead is designed to simplify the adoption and use of analysis tools through an advanced OSLC-based architecture, focusing on key features to enhance usability and integration tools within development environments. Approach: Unite: [...]

27 May, 2024

Eclipse Arrowhead + PrototAIP = AI-gym

AI-Gym, developed by Arrowhead, is an advanced platform designed to facilitate the creation, testing, and deployment of AI applications and prototypes. By leveraging containerized, callable Jupyter notebooks, AI-Gym integrates smoothly into a local cloud [...]

23 May, 2024

THTH Spring webinar, 29th May 2024

During the last year, the focus of what THTH ry and its member companies have been doing in the joint European Arrowhead fPVN project with more than 40 other international organizations. THTH webinar program is therefore [...]

16 May, 2024

Arrowhead General Assembly and Inside WS/ June 11-12,Budapest

Programme: 1) June 11 – conference boat Budapest – Visegrád – Budapest, all day discussions2) June 12 – BME building “I”, Budapest, feet on the ground3) Evening of April 12: 2-hour dinner combined with Inside WS registrants,    night [...]

13 May, 2024

Key Insights from the QCon London Architecture Conference

In early April, Sinetiq participated in QCon London, a leading conference for software architecture. Sinetiq’s representatives, David Rutqvist and Fredrik Blomstedt, spent three days exploring the latest trends in solution architecture. They delved into [...]

9 May, 2024

Arrowhead fPVN Spearheads Influential Workshop at HiPEAC 2024

In January, Arrowhead fPVN has seen an important and professionally enriching dissemination forum. As part of the flagship conference of the high-performance computing community, HiPEAC 2024 held in Munich, Géza Kulcsár of IncQuery organized [...]

9 May, 2024

Successful 5th MFI5.0 Workshop at IEEE NOMS 2024, Seoul

The 5th MFI5.0 Workshop, held in conjunction with the IEEE Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS) 2024 on May 6th in Seoul, was a resounding success. The workshop witnessed an engaging turnout of 20 [...]

26 March, 2024

Transformative AIMS5.0 & Arrowhead fPVN Innovation Technology Days held in Luleå on Jan 23-25, 2024!

This event marked a significant step forward in integrating AI and cyber architecture technologies to enhance European production efficiency. A convergence of minds and innovation, the discussions and showcases have undoubtedly set a new [...]

11 March, 2024

A Collaborative Workshop on the IDO Standardization

IDO is an industry adapted Ontology that the industry is currently working to lift to an International Standards through ISO. 27th to 28th February the Industrial data ontology (IDO) standardization project organized a workshop [...]