A Collaborative Workshop on the IDO Standardization

IDO is an industry adapted Ontology that the industry is currently working to lift to an International Standards through ISO.

27th to 28th February the Industrial data ontology (IDO) standardization project organized a workshop in Oslo. The work on IDO use cases where high on the agenda.

The IDO project is closely related to the Arrowhead fPVN project. POSC Caesar Association is managing the IDO project and is also leading WP3 Major standardized data models in Arrowhead fPVN.

The idea is to use IDO as the upper ontology in WP3. One of the Use-Case that the Swedish community provides is the “Pump Model”. This is modelled using IDO as the modelling language and at the same time it is also using the Arrowhead Framework.

For more information about IDO please visit POSC Caesar’s website https://www.posccaesar.org/


Representatives from the following parties in the IDO project and the international network were present. (In parentheses online)

Sweden – SEIIA, Siemens Energy, Luleå Technical University (Boliden)

Norway – Equinor, AkerBP. Aker Solutions, Aibel, Cognite, Standards Norway, DNV, University of Oslo, POSC Caesar Association, Statnett.

Finland – (ThTh, VTT)

Denmark – (Grundfos)

Germany – DEXPI, Siemens, (Siemens Energy)


Australia – The University of Western Australia

France – (Total Energies)

We express our genuine appreciation to DNV for hosting and exceptional facilitation of this Workshop.