Key Insights from the QCon London Architecture Conference

In early April, Sinetiq participated in QCon London, a leading conference for software architecture. Sinetiq’s representatives, David Rutqvist and Fredrik Blomstedt, spent three days exploring the latest trends in solution architecture. They delved into various topics, from success stories transitioning from legacy COTS architectures to API-driven and highly scalable cloud-native solutions to emerging data mesh architectures and the critical role of testing the information flow for reliable integrations.

A significant insight from the conference is the industry’s increasing adoption of loosely coupled and API-driven development, a trend that spans from innovative tech firms to traditional industrial companies. This shift underscores the importance of robust solutions that manage multiple interconnected applications, ensuring performance and features that meet customer demands while maintaining the reliability expected from today’s solutions.

The Arrowhead fPVN project that Sinetiq is involved in aims to address this challenge by using autonomous translations between data models. As an outcome of the QCon attendance, the Sinetiq representatives will bring the learnings and success stories back into the fPVN project to mature the Arrowhead Framework further.