THTH Spring webinar, 29th May 2024

During the last year, the focus of what THTH ry and its member companies have been doing in the joint European Arrowhead fPVN project with more than 40 other international organizations. THTH webinar program is therefore closely related to this development. The preliminary program is shown below. There may still be changes to the program. The webinar is open to everyone.

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  • Opening words, Teppo Kainulainen; THTH Chairman of the Board / Neste
  • Agenda and a brief THTH status review; Arto Marttinen, THTH
  • Criticality classification – Data sources and requirements; Jussi-Pekka Penttinen, AFRY
  • Drawing to Data – Changing the symbology in P&IDs when converting drawings to intelligent diagrams; Santillan Gerardo and Marko Luukkainen, Semantum
  • Digital Data Chain Consortium and DPP; Christoph Attila Kun, BASF SE and Digital Data Chain Consortium (DDCC)
  • DEXPI Process Specification – From the DEXPI+ project result to continuous maintenance;  Gregor Tolksdorf, Evonik / DEXPI
  • CFIHOS review; Peter Townson, CFIHOS / IOGP
  • Investment project use-case targets in Arrowhead fPVN; Johnny Sundström, Stora Enso and Arto Marttinen, THTH


Date: Wed, 29 May 2024

Time:12:00 – 15:30 CEST

Venue: Online

Registration link: